NOMA, North of Massachusetts Ave is where we are living. Four blocks from Capital Hill, fastest growing neighborhood, and the place I see everyday! I have to show my appreciation for this place, it is what surrounds me.

Alongside all of the business professional attire and my fellow Washington Center Interns is the buildings with the street art. I’ve been saved from my own laziness with T.D Burger being right across the street. Then there’s the tasty Indian restaurant that is across from that. 

There is history in this place. The Beatles made their debut in the oval shaped building a block away from the metro. Its a cute homely neighborhood with a block of houses squeezed right after the other. All with their own individual flare. 

On the weekend when I want to go out but I don’t want to get n the metro, I hit up H street. Its close and convenient and has bars up and down the street. 

Anyone can go to H street and have a good time, It has so many diverse bars from Irish Pubs to Salsa dance places.

I heard about a dance studio that’s on H street too, That will be my next stop for sure. 

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